Environmental Policy

At Bonic Building Services Pty Ltd we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner, through continuous improvements in environmental performance of all our activities.
To do this, we will work with our sub-contractors, suppliers and customers to ensure they give proper consideration to all environmental aspects which may be affected by our activities.
Within our operation, we will:
  1. As a minimum standard ensure our activities comply with relevant environmental legislation and standards;
  2. Identify and manage any relevant environmental risks within our operation and apply best practice principles to the prevention of pollution;
  3. Promote environmental awareness among all company personnel to increase understanding of environmental matters; and
  4. Identify and implement ways to improve the efficiency with which we use energy, water, raw materials and other resources.
This policy will be period reviewed to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate.
Environmental leadership and adherence to this policy is the responsibility of all company personnel, sub-contractors and suppliers.